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You’ve just finished a good pump at the gym or you’re running late for work and don’t have time to make breakfast. What are you going to do? The 21st century mind frame directs us right towards an easy alternative – protein bars or protein powder supplements. You may have heard of a few existing companies that have been dominating the protein powder hierarchy. BUT, there are few myths with one specific brand – Whey protein. The tables are turning for alternative proteins, but why should you make the change? I’m here to tell you why Fit Cricket’s all natural cricket protein bars and powder are whey better!

1. By-product of dairy

Gouda, chocolate milk, raspberry yogurt, whey protein powder. What do all of these food items have in common? You got it, dairy! It’s essential to understand whey protein as a dairy product because it is a by-product of making cheese. Milk products contain casein and whey proteins and when heated the liquid whey is separated from the casein (curds) and sent to manufacturers to add flavours to create a protein. Those who have sensitivities to dairy will not be able to tolerate this product. Casein point! Cricket protein is quite the opposite. Fit Cricket protein bars and powder ensure a full source of complete protein that is completely dairy free!

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2. Harsh on Environment

As the world turns towards environmentally friendly and sustainable products, we can take a closer look and examine exactly how Whey Protein does precisely the opposite. The farming of livestock has become a world wide environmental issue and Whey protein supplements have been contributing to the global rise of greenhouse gases. If you look towards an alternative to major environmentally unfriendly products, you’re lead straight to Fit Cricket. Crickets emit less than one-tenth as much greenhouse gases as livestock farming. Choosing to consume cricket protein instead of whey protein is not only a healthier option, but an environmentally more forgiving option.

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3. Processed / Unnatural Product

Food processing is the change of cooked ingredients into a different form. Physical or chemical changes occur during the process in order to better serve the market and consumers.  Most popular protein powder brands have an ingredient called Acesulfame Potassium; this dangerous, sweet additive is 200 times sweeter than sugar. It also contains methylene chloride, which is a known carcinogen. Be sure, that if you have a daily intake of Whey protein, that you are also aware that you are providing yourself with your daily exposure to arsenic, cadmium and leads. These are just a few of several additives in Whey Protein that should cause caution when thinking about which protein supplement is best for you. When it comes to thinking of an all natural approach to consuming protein, the cricket way is best! It has no additives and is packed with calcium, iron, and omegas. It’s low processing manufacturing makes for a product that you can trust.

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4. Hormones in Dairy Lead to Cancer

Not all of us know or want to know what our foods are made of. The food industry, trends or diets are consistently evolving around us, but the important part of this evolution is understanding what is and isn’t good for us. Recent studies have deemed dairy products as cancerous and dangerous for our bodies. Dairy has been linked to an increased number of women with ovarian cancer; and it has also linked to prostate cancer in men. By choosing to get your protein from a source, like Fit Cricket, you can surely avoid the dairy consumption while you pack in some protein after the gym.

Don’t let your protein choices whey you down – choose the right alternative for you! Fit Cricket ensures that each product is dairy free, all natural, environmentally and human friendly. Visit us at our shop to find the flavour that suits you best!

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