Consider Crickets, Since You’re Eating Bugs Anyways!

Knowing that most people have aversions towards eating bugs in any form, or even looking at them, has me thinking. Even though insects are a part of daily diets of numerous cultures, we are still sceptical about eating them and learning about their many nutrition benefits.

Go Green and Get Your Protein! Learn How Crickets Are Sustainable.

I bet you feel pretty good about yourself right now, being an avid recycler, saying “NO” to the plastic straw, taking the bus to work, and even using a reusable coffee cup to save the trees. What if I told you there was ONE change you could make in your...

The story behind amazing cricket protein products you will love

Nobody just wakes up thinking: “Ok, today, I'm going to start using crickets to make cricket protein based products”. The reason this story is here is because we have this amazing company, formerly known as Jump Bars, now completely re-branded to Fit...

3 Benefits of Cricket Protein

You may feel uncomfortable eating crickets at first, but after discovering all the benefits of cricket protein and all the nutritional value it has to offer, you will definitely want to reconsider!

Introduce Your Muscles to Cricket Protein

Our body needs protein to build and repair our tissues, to build not only muscles, but also bones, nails, hair, skin, to help our hormones and other body functions.


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